The LUCA Lab is an open workspace available to the students of the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Next to CNC, laser cutting and vacuum forming they also offer 3D printing. As the demand for additive manufacturing started to grow they needed to extend their services with an additional machine, a Tripodmaker Black Edition. The additive way of manufacturing vs the subtractive way of manufacturing offered an cost efficient solution as less material is wasted and material and devices are a lot cheaper than CNC milling machines and laser cutters. Due to this facts they can offer the service of 3D printing at a very cheap rate even the cheapest 3D printing services can't compete with. This way every student can afford to have it's project 3D printed.

3D printing architecture

The primary objective of LUCA Lab is making 3D printing accessible to all students within their budget. But Chris also mentioned an interesting case where they saved expenses with 3D printing. Their ICT department had to change old damaged HDD drives with the newer (and better) SSD technology. By printing SSD adapters 20 times cheaper than the retail price the sum can add up quickly with the amount of computers schools and universities have today. More details in the next video:

"We did quite some research before buying our additional device. After reading reviews, visiting manufacturing fairs and comparing the newest models on the market we decided to buy a Tripodmaker Black Edition. What we liked about Tripodmaker's delta system was the use of a fixed build plate, as we had some calibration issues with our build plate of our first 3D printer. With the Tripodmaker there is an automatic calibration system that has to be done only once." says Chris Van Brabant

3D printing education


As 3D printing already conquered and changed some of our industries, it is obvious that it will be implemented in our education system and will become a standard knowledge of students dealing with product design, architecture, engineering and art. Today, many schools and universities are applying the technology very fast as it is an affordable alternative to the traditional methods to create 3D objects like CNC and laser cutting. With device and material cost being low, a Fablab like LUCA Lab can make the technology accessible to all students in need to create physical models.

3D printing education