Over 50% discount on Tripodmaker Classic and Tripodmaker Black Edition

Scratched units that need to move fast

Tripodmaker Black Edition: Originally priced at €1499 incl. VAT,

During our latest production run, some of these units got scratched. We want to ship these units fast as this is money that is locked down that we can't invest in new stock that is perfect to our desire.

Limited availability while stock lasts - be quick!

Tripodmaker Black Edition v2

While still a great product, the Tripodmaker Classic production comes to an end.

Tripodmaker Classic: Before €2420,00 incl. VAT,

Our first generation Tripodmakers will no longer be produced. The machine where it all started with several years ago and today, still outperforms many other printers in its price range, is now available for € 999,- . We admit keeping a few pieces ourselves for nostalgic reasons. The last 10 pieces we are ready to say farewell to.


The Classic editions aluminium body frame with transparent gaps reveal the inner heart and electronics which gives an unique touch to the overall appearance. To provide this amazing view on the internal parts the body consists of numerous parts, screws and plexi panels. The amount of work, time and passion the printers were made with simply cannot be scaled to match today's market demands. Our Tripodmaker Black Edition therefore is produced much faster due to its unibody casings created from single pieces of strong powder coated steel.