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It has been a while since my latest blog post, and recently, I have been receiving several e-mails to ask wether or not we are dead – but we are alive and kicking =)


We have attended TCT, since then, it has been a rollercoaster.

We moved to a new and bigger space to suit the needs of our bigger production demand. We are now based in Antwerp, before it was Brussels. We are looking for even a bigger spot to house more stock. Streamlining this new set-up was a bit a pain in the *ss. We moved our complete order and manufacturing system to Odoo8, formerly called OpenERP. This took about 3 weeks to get it fully implemented and operational. Now we have a better stock system and have more insight in what we have and don’t have in stock, easier to maintain, easier to order new parts.


At TCT, we brought our latest version of the Tripodmaker, upgraded with the magnetic rods. This means smoother moves and higher accuracy. We will be also presenting the same machine at RapidPro in Veldhoven next week. We will be on the spot of Trideus, on of our resellers here in Belgium.


We are having an upgrade ready for the current users who have bought their single nozzle Tripodmaker in the past. As we are using the quality e3d-hotend, we adjusted our new design to fit their latest creation. We currently estimate to have the dual nozzle option ready begin summer, so keep posted. Allot to come.

Looking forward to see you all at Veldhoven!

Have a nice weekend!

TCT fair