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Tripodmaker black edition


We are proud to announce the launch of our newest device, Tripodmaker Black Edition. 

During the fairs we attended in October, our Black Edition was on exclusive display and has been extremely well received by you, potential customers, press and resellers..

Tripodmaker Black Edition


We combined four must-haves for the new generation of 3D printers in our Tripodmaker Black Edition: easy to use, stark design, high quality and creative freedom. Our new device targets users craving for a professional device, enjoying easy operation and loving to watch it all happen. 

In order to increase accessibility, our new intuitive slicing software, PRISMA, enables users to work with predefined print settings, a materials database and organized storage for their prints. As a cloud application, it will always be up-to-date and deliver speedy performance through dedicated servers. The automatic bed levelling and pause & resume functionality adds to the ease of use.

The solid open look, 32 litres of imagination and high resolution makes the device on top of the game regarding design and creative performance. Elegant covers can be added on top to create a protected closed heated print workspace in order to reach better printing results and to guarantee a safe environment.

We are dedicated to produce our devices with the greatest care and highest quality by working together with a Belgian assembly company, using Belgian tailor-made metal parts. Going from prototype to final design, we worked together with designers and skilled technicians to obtain to best end-result.

tripodmaker black edition
tripodmaker black edition


Tripodmaker Black Edition is a precise and affordable device that suits the demands of various types of customers and appeals to various end-uses. It has been carefully developed and designed to convince you that 3d printing can work for you too.

The lamp you see on our webpage is a collaboration with Juliette Geeraert, a design student at CAD Brussels, an international art college in Brussels ( We will bring you more insights soon to how she used a Tripodmaker device to create her newest design. This showcases what we want to realize. We see no boundaries to whom can use and what you can do with our printer.

tripodmaker black edition


The online pre-ordering has started with first deliveries scheduled by end of November. The device is dual nozzle ready and we are working hard to finalize the accompanying software. This upgrade will be available by the beginning of next year.

We are very proud to launch our new plug & print device with a cool attractive design. Please go on to to let us convince you with our launch video and specifications. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

And of course, what did you think, we will soon be back with more news!

tripodmaker black edition