Tripodmaker X 3d printed rocket in space

The new Tripodmaker Black Edition V2 made it happen

For the launch of our latest Tripodmaker 3D printer generation, the Tripodmaker Black Edition V2, we wanted to take another approach and make it more special.

We came up with the idea of launching a 3D printed TinTin Rocket into space. There have been numerous objects into space, but a quick research revealed that only NASA's printer and prints have conquered space so far, but there is a fundament lack on cool footage. 

3D printing architecture

The making of the TinTin Rocket Space flight

Watch the entire flight at the bottom of this page.

Printing the TinTin Rocket

The TinTin Rocket has been printed single wall, so it was as light as possible. In total, about 10 hours of print time were required to print the complete model in 2 separate colours. The final rocket is about 30cm heigh.

First 3D printed TinTin Rocket in Space

Allot of thinking went in deciding which object to send in space. Eventually, we ended with the idea of a rocket. This might seem as an obvious choice, however, we picked a special rocket.

The rocket printed by the Tripodmaker Black Edition V2, comes from one of Belgians famous comic book characters TinTin, written by Herg√©. An obvious choice, knowing that also Tripodmaker is a Belgian brand.

Watch the video below and see how our TinTin rocket made it inside the stratosphere:

3D printing architecture

Watch the entire TinTin Rocket Space flight


A weather balloon took a 3D printed TinTin rocket to an altitude of 30 km in less then 2 hours. One liter of helium can lift about 1 gram of payload. The 1,2 kg payload could raise up to 6 meter per second due to the over 2000 liter of helium eventually used.

During the flight, a GoPro camera shot footage. A GPS device connected to the mobile network tracked back the specific location of the camera. All this was nicely tucked in a Styrofoam box because temperatures drop to -40 degrees Celsius at 30 km altitude. A parachute brought all our gear back down safely. The landing location was nearly 200km away from the launch site.

In total, the flight took about 4 hours from take off to landing. The space module was found in an open field and luckily not in a tree, on the road, or on a roof of a building.


3D printing architecture


Tripodmaker has been around since 2014 and mainly sold devices in Belgium and the Netherlands. All products are designed and produced in Belgium to the highest standards possible.

The TinTin rocket was printed with the newest generation of Tripodmaker 3D printers. The Black Edition V2, is an upgrade of the earlier Tripodmaker Black Edition and costs 1499 EURO including VAT.

Out latest device can cope with 3d printed parts that come with more dramatic hangovers and bridges. Stringing is a thing from the past due to our new designed print head with improved cooling-set-up.

The Black Edition series printers of Tripodmaker focus on ease of use, reliability and robustness. The new mechanics also allow an even smoother surface finish of the printed parts.

3D printing architecture