tripodmaker black edition
tripodmaker black editiontripodmaker black editiontripodmaker black editiontripodmaker black editiontripodmaker black edition

Tripodmaker Black Edition

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Product Description

The Tripodmaker Black Edition combines a unique high quality finish with an elegant design. The print head moves with delta technology, allowing for a lighter and less shaky print head. All of this results in smoother and better prints.

The new PRISMA platform software simplifies the slicing operation dramatically. A full automatic bed leveling system was added. 


technology FDM (Fused Deposition modeling)
dimensions 42 cm x 53 cm x 101 cm
print area Ø 30 cm x 42 cm
nozzle Ø 0.4 mm; full metal – up to 295°C
heated bed up to 95°C
power 88 – 264 V; 47 – 63 Hz; 5A
casing plexi cover (optional)
diameter 1.75 mm
plastics PLA; PETG; HIPS; ABS; Polycarbonate
software PRISMA platform
printable files .STL
supported Chrome – Safari – Firefox
bed leveling full automatic
layer thickness / resolution 75 micron – 300 micron
machine tolerance 0.1 mm

Additional Information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 44 x 54 x 109 cm


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