Makerbot vs Ultimaker

Makerbot vs Ultimaker vs Tripodmaker

After you narrowed down your 3D printing needs to one technology you still need to choose the right device. If FDM is the technology suiting your projects there are a few great 3D printer manufacturers with decent machines. The price for a decent FDM for professional purposes is starting from € 1500. Starting from this price we will compare 3D printer manufactures with their flagships in our downloadable chart below. 

Cartesian vs Delta

Both Makerbot and Ultimaker are cartesian printers. A Tripodmaker for instance is a delta type 3D printer. In terms of print quality and accuracy a well built delta or cartesian system should be performing the same. Delta's are more difficult to build if bought as a DIY kit, whereas cartesian printers are easier to understand. As a plug&play device in higher price categories delta systems can outperform cartesian systems in terms of speed and build height while conquering the same desk space.

Material Compatibility

If you want to experiment with 3rd party materials and have more material options an Ultimaker or Tripodmaker will match your needs. Opting for Makerbot will mean to depend on MakerBot filaments. The benefits are a high and steady print success rate and although the MakerBot filaments are expanding with different types of material, there is no possibility to switch to more competitive priced brands. With Ultimaker's or Tripodmaker's own filament brand an equal print success can be promised. On the other hand by experimenting with 3rd party filaments you're on your own which can (in case of failure) cost quite some time and effort. Only print with recommended 3rd party filaments by your local reseller or brand.

Tripodmaker's mission on 3D printing

As a 3D printer manufacturer in this price range our mission is to provide a tool that creates a tridimensional object from a 3D file. The technology and software behind this process got simplified and improved so far we can call it plug&print. Yet, there is still a small learning parkour before everything goes well. At Tripodmaker we try to simplify these steps with our software and hardware to make 3D printing accessible for everyone right out of the box. Key features to achieve this are:

• High quality frame and body

• Intuitive Prisma Cloud Slicer 

• Automatic bed leveling and calibration

• Print recovery after power cut

"The build volume is big, the results high quality. The Tripodmaker is fast, yet manages complex prints effortlessly."


Michaël Aussems, Author, PC Magazine


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