Manual Tripodmaker Classic


Manual Tripodmaker Black Edition


Cura installation info for slicing

Cura set-up for Tripodmaker

Additional Windows software:



Additional Mac OS X soft ware:


Netfab for mac:


Components to print

door knob and black edition v2 print head cover

Trouble shooting

Cable Connectivity check – in case you have trouble with the USB connection of your printer. 

Cold zone inside Heat break is clogged – this is the method for unclogging your nozzle

Cold pull – use this method for removing debris from your nozzle.

Door mounting – how to mount the door

Extruder drive cleaning – how to clean the extruder drive after grinding – do this once very 50 hours of printing

Logging your Tripodmaker – In case you have issue’s and we need info

Heater block and thermistor – Hot end repair info

Screen issue – In case your screen or button is not working

Screen replacement – In case we need to replace your screen

Thermistor replacement – In case your nozzle temperature read-out is wrong or fluctuations are too high.