Tripodmaker AM europe 2016


The first edition of Additive Manufacturing Europe took place on the 28-30 June at RAI Amsterdam, one of the best-connected exhibition centers in Europe. This pan-European show covered all business applications for 3D printing, from prototyping to manufacturing. 

The conference program featured some of the most prominent names in the 3D printing/ additive manufacturing sector alongside a wide range of case studies focused on different sectors – healthcare (28 June), aerospace (29 June) and automotive (30 June). Tripodmaker could not miss this exciting opportunity to exhibit its solutions and share its expertise.

This is the business-to-business show for the 3D printing industry with products, launches and live demonstrations. It is the best way to see all the options together in one place. 

tripodmaker AM europe 2016

Some atmosphere pictures from the show:


Spectra PLA

Spectra PLA is a tough, easy to use high grade PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) type of filament, ideal for 3D printing. It is slightly modified and this makes our PLA tougher and less brittle. PLA has a low shrinkage factor and will not deform after cooling. This material is a biodegradable plastic made from renewable natural resources and one of the most popular materials for 3D printing.

Spectra filament

Spectra X-ABS

Spectra X-ABS is a next-generation ABS filament. Zero warp technology implemented onto the ABS, creats a filament with far less cracking, proven near perfect interlayers, reliable bed adhesion (tape & other adhesives) while improving the mechanical properties making X-ABS extra strong. It is the ultimate ABS replacement that prints strong and beautiful parts on any FDM 3D printer without the common headaches associated with regular ABS like warping & horrible bed adhesion. X-ABS is the perfect material for strong objects that require an high impact tolerance.

spectra x-abs