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Last week, TripodMaker was very pleased to receive the first price of the Bizidee competition! Bizidee is a competition founded by Agentschap Ondernemen, and is in fact a business game. Through this competition, they want to help promising entrepreneurs to get their business started through financial support.

A lot of people asked me the past months: “when are you throwing the celebration party? =p” However, that nice amount doesn’t have that particular purpose. So we will truly spend it on the TripodMaker as we committed to all members of the jury.

And I really have to say ‘we won’ in fact, because, without of the help of Eva, my girlfriend and partner in crime, we would never reached this far in this competition.

tripodmaker bizidee


The Bizidee competition is split into two phases. The first phase requires a 2-pager of your idea, mainly with the focus on the idea itself; originality, coolness, brilliantness, the businessmodel.

In phase one, we made it to the top ten, but never really got on stage. Brilliant ideas like Bella Stoma (nice looking Stoma wearables), iReachm (never miss a phone call technology) and Partheas (Technology for hospital patient-tracking system), went home with a price.

Phase two focusses mainly on how you will tackle your idea itself marketing wise, financially, but also how you will handle cashflow and run your business on the long run. Phase two was in fact a 30 pages business plan. I must admit, it made us think about the future of Tripodmaker, and how we will deal with the changing environment and competition.

In total 96 business plans got submitted to phase two and were read by the jury. Twelve got selected to give a presentation and were still in the game. The 15 minutes presentation was a summary of your business plan, followed by 15 minutes of challenging questions. It was not easy to convince the jury, keeping in mind it was up to 30 degrees C in that room and they were hearing business plans already all day long ( I was the last one to pass along).

On Tuesday evening, May 27th, the finale was mind blowing, we won 25,000 euro!! =) The second-place prize of 7,500 euro went to Inge Gypens en Caroline Braeken and their plan for gluten-free bread distribution and the third prize of 3,000 euro went to Koen Wauters and Nico Staels and their plan for Partheas a hospital patient-tracking system.


The money is definitely dedicated to Tripodmaker. So no wild parties, no fast cars, no fancy holidays, etc… but investing it in sales and developments and going “all-in”.

We are still working on automatic calibration, which is running better as before. Next to that, we are moving on to a full metal hot-end to have a better maintenance for the end-users.

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